Using the Stargazer Lily in Your Wedding

shutterstock_171266801As spring inches nearer, area brides are feverishly tending to important wedding details. Flowers are among the most important and special features of any wedding. Stargazer lilies are cloaked in mystery and symbolism. The connection between lilies and innocence dates back to the days of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Here at Phoenix Flower Shops, we are anxious to show you how to make a bold and dramatic statement with this mysterious, but beautiful flower.

American lily breeder and grower, Leslie Woodruff introduced the Stargazer lily to the world in 1978. Woodruff didn’t keep detailed records of his hybridizing experiments so no one knows the exact parentage of the Stargazer. Stargazer lilies represent a blending of cherished characteristics from Asiatic and Oriental lilies. Asiatic lilies were used because of their lovely shape and magnificent fragrance. Oriental lilies are known for vibrant colors, but they’re also valued because they’re strong growers.

The Importance of Flower Color and the Name

The colors of Stargazer lilies are every bit as important as the flowers, and the symbol they are for celebrations. White is a symbol of innocence and purity. The deep pink that is so characteristic of stargazers is symbolic of prosperity, abundance, and honor. Woodruff didn’t just give this lily the “Stargazer name” because of the way the flower looks. The name also suggests hopefulness, optimism, and unlimited possibilities. The flower also represents fulfillment of a dream.

Description of a Stargazer Lily

If you intend to use Stargazer lilies in your wedding floral arrangements, it’s important to understand the flower’s physical structure as well as other characteristics. Lilies, and in particular, Stargazer lilies, are large flowers. The petals form 6 points. When you choose Stargazers, there will be anywhere from three to six flowers on a single stem.

zoom_FebruaryLFS132White13011153644Using Stargazers in Bridal Bouquets

Because Stargazer lilies are such large flowers, they look best in large bridal bouquets. It’s best to remove the flowers from the stem and attach the flower head to a wire. That lets us space the lilies far enough apart that they’ll get the notice they deserve.

The Stunning Beauty Bouquet would make a spectacular-looking hand-tied bridal bouquet. The Stargazer stands out as the star of the show in a colorful arrangement that combines delicate red Peruvian lilies, velvet-red roses, deep purple Matsumoto asters, and lavender carnations.

Using Stargazers in the Ceremony and Other Spaces

When you want to make a bold statement, Stargazers are the ideal choice for your ceremony space. These huge flowers will fill the church with an intensely delightful fragrance. The Enchanted Lilies arrangement combines the elegance of two majestic flowers – Stargazer lilies and red roses. Your flowers will leave a lasting impression on your guests.